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Coach Yvonne

Yvonne Smith, with her Bachelor's degree in Social Work (BSW), stands as a beacon of hope and resilience. Her professional journey spans over two decades, deeply rooted in Virginia's Hampton Roads area and Georgia, where she's tirelessly dedicated her expertise to individuals grappling with life's most challenging trials: trauma and grief.

Her career unfolded through various vital roles - from a child protective services worker to an adoption specialist, a court-appointed counselor for individuals and families, and a certified family mediator. Yvonne's profound commitment to aiding those in distress didn't stop there. She further enhanced her skills, becoming a certified Grief Coach and Master Self-Care and Healing Coach, a testament to her unwavering passion for nurturing growth and healing. 

Yvonne's personal attributes - a calming presence, attentive listening skills, genuine warmth, and an inviting nature - make her a trusted confidante and guide. She fosters a space where individuals feel at ease to unveil their vulnerabilities and commence their journey toward healing.

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Beyond her professional accolades, Yvonne's life is enriched by her roles as a wife, a mother to three remarkable daughters and an active member of her church and networking groups. Her hobbies, ranging from singing and enjoying music to indulging in the culinary delights of brunches, reading, decorative wreath making, and cherishing moments with family and friends, reflect her multifaceted personality.

Yvonne's life philosophy is simple yet profound: Every new day is a fresh opportunity to start over, to love, and to inspire others toward peace. This belief resonates in her work, where she helps individuals navigate through their grief and pain, assisting them in finding strategies to face their challenges and reemerge as triumphant survivors.

Yvonne Smith isn't just a professional in her field; she's a guiding light, illuminating paths for those lost in the shadows of grief, and helping them find their way back to hope and productivity.

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"I met Mrs Yvonne Smith on social media and knew almost immediately how loving, nurturing and compassionate she was. Always so ready, willing and able to assist others out of a tough spot, that's who she is. I suffer from anxiety and major depressive disorder and Yvonne has come to my rescue on more than one occasion . She's helped me get thru the toughest time of my life and I honestly don't know how I would have made it thru without her. Her nature is smoothing that we need more of in this cold world that we live in.  I thank God for Yvonne because her counseling saved my life. 


Thank you Yvonne!"

~J. Smith


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Coaching focuses on the NOW and FUTURE by looking at performance improvement and goal achievement. With coaching it is important to look at behaviors that challenge our ability to function or perhaps move forward constructively. With grief, individuals often find simple daily tasks become challenging. Things that used to be so easy become complex because the focus has shifted to a constant state of sadness.


Counseling, on the other hand, is more focused on addressing emotional and psychological issues. Counseling often looks at the root causes of issues and aims to improve mental well-being and emotional health. It often involves exploring past experiences, understanding emotions, and resolving personal or interpersonal challenges.

At the G.E.M. we want to help you consciously reconnect with your life by helping you process and work through your grief. Our focus will have a forward-looking orientation, focusing on today’s needs and emphasizing future goals and actions. We want to help our clients live fulfilling lives despite their grief and pain and assist them by identifying strategies to help them prosper in the face of their loss.

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