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"In Their Words"

“Awesome!!! Dynamic!!! Empathetic!!!


Those are just a few words to describe Yvonne and her ability to be an effective grief coach. Coaching comes naturally to Yvonne. She has a calming nature which makes it easy to open up to and share your deep feelings without judgement. Yvonne listens intently and her coaching is tailored to the individual. You don't feel like you're just a client. She is genuine and she's passionate about helping others. I can definitely say that through her coaching I'm able to deal and cope with my grief. I tell anyone I come across that needs help dealing with grief, she is the best coach there is.”

~Y. Litt

“Most people don't realize how a conversation can help you in any situation. Conversations can be healing. They can lead to revelations. Who you have that conversation with also determines how much you may open up and realize about yourself. When I was going through things and didn't know who to talk to, I always knew I could turn to this one person, and she would guide me. She would listen to what I was feeling and what I needed to say. She's warm, compassionate, caring, and pretty easy to talk to and I'm forever grateful for that. She's my confidant, my listening ear, and my shoulder to cry on sometimes. She makes for a great counselor and sometimes I don't even think she knows it. I'm grateful to have her in my life."

~S. Schuler

“It is always a blessing to have someone who you can confide in, laugh with, and pray



Yvonne Smith has a beautiful spirit and feeds your soul with attainable solutions for your life.  When life slows you down, you need to be able to keep going.  Yvonne is able to use her calm demeanor and soft voice to provide the comfort that you need in the time of storm. Everyone needs an advisor.  So glad that Yvonne Smith is mine.

~Pamela Washington Parkes

"I met Mrs Yvonne Smith on social media and knew almost immediately how loving, nurturing and compassionate she was. Always so ready, willing and able to assist others out of a tough spot, that's who she is. I suffer from anxiety and major depressive disorder and Yvonne has come to my rescue on more than one occasion . She's helped me get thru the toughest time of my life and I honestly don't know how I would have made it thru without her. Her nature is smoothing that we need more of in this cold world that we live in.  I thank God for Yvonne because her counseling saved my life. Thank you Yvonne!"

~J. Smith

Yvonne Smith is an awesome and amazing Coach and has been a motivator and great inspiration in my life. She has helped me reach a personal breakthrough where I had experienced a loss in my confidence and ability to focus on my goals. At that time my life was very chaotic and honestly dysfunctional. I was very angry and impulsive, which was causing much of my own self sabotage.  Yvonne is such a great listener and her calming yet authoritative spirit allowed me to be very vulnerable with her which led to tools that channeled my focus and allowed me to become more structured in getting my goals completed. Yvonne was the "Safe Space" and sounding board I needed. I definitely recommend her services when it comes to any type of loss. Her empathy for others, intuitiveness and her own experiences and journey has the ability to unlock others’ burdens and guide them  to a more organized and balanced space in their lives.

~Dr. Orienthia Speakman

"Embrace the emotions surrounding your loss and grief journey. Own your grief by giving voice to your emotions and know that you may never fully heal but you will live despite your loss if you choose to."

~Coach Yvonne

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